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Check-in - great to have you

Our general check-in time is 2pm. If you will arrive earlier and your room is ready you may certainly move in right away. If the room is not ready upon your arrival prior to 2pm we will store your luggage and bring it to the room as soon as it becomes available. Our reception is open 24/7 therefore a late arrival is no problem... just let us know in advance, if possible. Thank you.

Breakfast - a good start into the day

We serve breakfast buffet daily between 7-10 am. Costs for our guests are EUR 10,00 p.P. and are generally included in the room rate. Do you expect company for breakfast? Just let us know and we will arrange everything accordingly. Breakfast buffet costs, for non residents, EUR 15,00 p.P. As one of our booking options you may place your arrangement excluding breakfast. In case you will change your mind you can certainly add breakfast again later, the costs remain unchanged at EUR 10,00 p.P. Please let us know latest the evening before. Thank you.

Free WiFi - no restrictions, no limitations

At the check-in you will receive your wifi password and will be able to connect right away. No additional costs, in the whole building, with as many devices as you want and all around the clock.

Non smoking act §§ - a smoke free environment

The "Non-Smoking Act" of the land Northrhine Westphalia has generally banned smoking in public buildings such as hotels. Therefore smoking is, since January 1st 2008, within the entire building prohibited.

Please note that we will charge a significant room recovery fee of EUR 150,00 to guests who do not comply in order to cover the extensive costs of restoring guest rooms to a smoke-free condition. Thank you for your understanding.

Parking - safe and secure

Right in front of the hotel you have public parking spaces but costs are quite high (1€/20min, Mon-Sat, 7am-11pm). Since the max. parking time is also limited to 4hrs and most of our guests would like to park their car throughout the entire stay, we can provide underground parking spaces in the neighbour building at 15€/day. In case you would like to add parking to your arrangement, please let us know in advance, because we have only limited availabilities. Thank you.

Kids - our little guests

Our little guests are always welcome. Up to 4 years they will stay in their parents´ room with no added charge, including a free breakfast. We offer a baby cot on request as well as a high chair during breakfast. Please let us know the day before your arrival if you would like us to provide a baby cot in your room. Thank you.

Four-legged-friends - travelling with your buddy?

If you travel with a four-legged friend he/she is most welcome. We will provide a feeding and water bowl, but please bring along either his or her dog basket or a blanket. Please note that he/she is not allowed to join you in the breakfast room. While you are having breakfast your dog should be capable of staying alone in the room. Costs are EUR 10,00/day/dog. Please let us know in advance if you intend to travel with your dog. Thank you.

City tax - business or leisure traveler?

Please note that since 12-01-2014 the city of Cologne charges leisure travellers a so called "city, art & culture tax" amounting to 5% of the accomodation rate. Exempt from taxation are business trips. We regret having to ask you if you travel as a leisure or business traveler, but we are forced to in order to collect this tax accordingly. If you are on a business trip, please let us know in advance so we can provide you with the necessary forms. Thank you for your understanding and cooperation.

Environmental Zone - attention drivers!

As of 01-01-2008, the City of Cologne was declared as "environmental zone". In this environmental zone, only "clean vehicles" are allowed to drive. They have to fulfill certain European emission standards and are equipped with one of the three (green/yellow/red) designated "fine particle stickers". If you are coming to Cologne by car, it is advisable to get information on the fine particle sticker in advance and to acquire it in time. You will find the necessary information under:

Check-out - looking forward to have you with us again!

The general check-out time is 11 am. In case you would like to have a late check-out, please contact us at the latest the day before your departure, we will be more than happy to check all options and conditions for you. Thank you.

We are looking forward to your visit!

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